Why Do People Buy D IF Combination In Natural Diamonds?

Over 12% of the yearly purchases of diamonds are for investment purposes. That’s why D IF (Flawless) combination is very popular mainly in the investing market.
D IF D Diamond

Why should you invest in D IF, and not with other Natural diamond combinations?

The reason is simple; D IF is the rarest combination of natural white diamonds.

It takes thousands to millions of years for Natural diamond to be created in the ground and the finest quality diamonds are the rarest, hence the investment is such diamonds.

Also, the yearly production of D IF diamonds is less than 1% from the whole market which makes them uncommon and expensive diamonds.

There’s also the sector of people who prefer buying D IF diamonds simply because they want the whitest and cleanest diamonds that there are.

For the fine quality lovers among us, you may be surprised to hear but the top market for D IF diamonds is the European one.

Till 2018, banks in Italy used to sell investors D IF diamonds but it stopped once these investors realized they pay almost double than their real value in the market.

So, what’s the difference between FL (Flawless) and IF (internally Flawless) diamonds?

In both the imperfections can’t be seen with a 10x loupe (magnifying glass).

However, with IF Natural diamond there may be some imperfections that are usually related to the surface or outside blemishes.

Therefore flawless is the top clarity there is.

So, if you’re after the cleanest diamond – flawless is the one for you.

Having said that, please note that the cut and brilliance (luster) of the diamond are most important. To maximize the price of a D IF diamond it must have the perfect cut, otherwise the price for it will be relatively lower.

Another tip in case you purchase a D IF diamond for investment is to have it sealed in a blister by the lab (The extra cost is around $100).

Where is the best place to purchase a GIA D FL/IF diamond?

Without trying to sound like a salesman the best place to purchase such a diamond is through a big and known website or through a manufacturer / trader you trust.

Who is the biggest producer of D FL/IF diamonds?

Russia has the biggest mines for high color & clarity diamonds, but also for fluorescent diamonds.

Why is it good to purchase today D FL/IF diamonds?

Due to the economy in the world these days, you can find a D FL/IF diamonds, investment in diamond is good, and almost at the same price of D-E-F VVS ones.

As said above, the make (cut) of the diamond is crucially important, therefore do not purchase a diamond with heavy or shallow make as it affect the quality of the diamond and its’ price as well.

To emphasize the importance of the cut, following are 3 images of different categories in Flawless diamonds.

Which one seems the best? (The answer is below)

*** It’s obvious the diamond in the middle is the best as it’s so clearly seen. The one on the left is with a heavy make and on the right is a shallow one. The middle one is ideal cut. All 3 are D FL and yet they seem very different from one another.

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