What Style Of Engagement Ring Is Most Popular In 2020?

You’ve found the love of your life, but knowing you want to ask her to marry you can make you a delighted bundle of nerves.
What Engagement Ring styles are Most Popular

Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

With all the aspects to consider building up to this special occasion, you don’t want the added pressure of sourcing the best engagement ring for your sweetheart.

Here’s a selection of 2020’s most favored engagement ring styles to date:

1. Antique

We adore antique and vintage diamond engagement rings!

They are excellent options for 2020 and the future.

Pick a genuine antique ring from an expert vintage jeweler, use a family treasure or browse among more contemporary offerings of antique inspired rings.

The sky’s the limit.

By going for an antique ring, you’ll have a matchless representation of a bygone era in your hands.

Maybe the 1920s attract you to picking an art deco ring or a floral style ring brings back 1900s nostalgia.

Miley Cyrus’s art nouveau engagement ring shows that antique diamond bands are totally 2020 fashion.

What makes antique engagement rings attractive are their elaborate designs and arrangements, from the diamond layout to their detailed settings.

Traditionally hand cut, they’re distinctive and exclusive.

2. Pavé

Tiny stones set closely together with settings that are hardly noticeable, pavé diamonds result in an unending glistening appearance.

These stones usually accompany a larger midpoint diamond which complements the band’s overall sparkle.

Brides to be with a love of extravagance and extra shine led to a rise in 2020 pavé designs.

3. Oval Cut

If you’re looking for a mix of an elegantly elongated emerald cut shape and the sparkle of a round stone, oval cut diamonds are your answer.

They’re completely in fashion now.

An ageless selection, they can stand out alone or be encircled by tinier stones.

Blake Lively’s art deco inspired band is a perfect example.

4. Assorted Gems

Assorted gems are fantastic accompaniments to stones.

This 2020 fashion has made it possible for emeralds, garnets and sapphires to all be added to engagement bands to result in eye catching diamonds.

Think of Princess Diana’s legendary diamond and sapphire band which showcases an unusual stone accompanied by diamonds.

Other bands can display the diamond in the center surrounded by colorful stones.

Complementary gems for your diamonds can be personally important—pick a birthstone or a favorite color.

Assorted gems boast visual appeal and add different shades to a band.

5. Simple Contemporary

Compared to the busier styles of antique or pavé bands, modern day engagement band styles are cleaner and more sophisticated.

If you have a minimalist fiancée, stones such as emerald cut diamonds with fewer facets give a simple, smooth and modern look.

A simple, contemporary band generally includes a single stone or alternatively one larger stone lined with two tinier diamonds.

This is a more minimalist approach to styles containing multi diamond clusters.

6. Halo Bands

For a real attention grabber, a halo band’s design shows tinier diamonds surrounding a larger center stone.

Given a ‘floating’ appearance, we love halo bands.

Our best halo bands to design are the microhalos.

A chunky halo can dominate the center stone, so our halo designs include tinier diamond halos instead.

In a smartly designed halo band the setting allows the center stone to shine, appearing larger than it is.

For an otherworldly, dreamy look, a boho bride will adore a halo band as a statement jewel.

7.  Striking Settings

The metal attaching the diamond to the ring is the band’s setting.

In 2020, jewel creators increased their innovation by adding more diamonds and shine to ring settings.

Think of band settings as blank canvases.

By adding inlaid pavé stones in a detailed design, a seemingly simple band can be transformed into something outstanding. Elegant styles can be enhanced with even more sparkle.

8. Diamond Bands

Diamond bands are a common option for brides who opt not to have an additional wedding band with their engagement band.

Band style engagement rings don’t include a larger midpoint diamond.

For brides who like simpler styles, whether due to finances or personal preference, diamond bands are a favored 2020 style.

An entire row of diamonds can encircle around the band in this style, or only be noticeable on the finger’s front.

Picking the Correct ring for Your Sweetheart

Engagement band shopping can be a stressful task for a husband to be, despite knowing the four C’s. We know you’ll find the ideal jewel for your princess, but we’ve got some important points to remember to make your decision a little easier:

1. Metals

Start by noticing what other jewels your fiancée wears.

This is a helpful clue in picking the kind of precious metal for her engagement band.

Does she like silver shades?

Go for a white gold or platinum setting to match up with her other jewels.

Does she prefer gold?

Rose or yellow gold settings are an option here.

Contemporary jewelry fashion mixes and matches metals in the same outfit, so if your lady likes modern styles, pick your favored metal & it’ll compliment her other jewels perfectly.

2. Personal Taste

A largely important factor to remember when picking out a diamond engagement ring is a woman’s personal taste.

How does she dress?

If silky, chic clothes dominate her wardrobe and modern architectural or interior design appeals to her, she’ll probably adore a contemporary band.

Alternatively, a woman more in touch with her feminine side who frequents antique stores will prefer a vintage like band.

Your aim?

Source a ring she’ll treasure that fits in with her style that she’ll want to show off daily.

3. Design Movements

Jewelry movements take their lead from fashion and interiors, so look at what’s trending globally. Both antique furniture and décor items with a shabby chic style have become extremely popular.

This is why you’ll find corresponding vintage inspired cuts and settings in jewelers’ creations.

From colored stones to precious metals, such as pink center stones or rose gold, diamond engagement bands mirror other contemporary décor and fashion movements.

4. Form

Some individuals like specific types of diamonds just because.

Your fiancée might have eyed certain cuts on celebrities such as the massive emerald cut of Kim Kardashian, the heart shaped ring Lady Gaga wears or the cushion cut sported by Meghan Markle.

These are details that will make your engagement band purchasing expedition a little easier.

What to Do and Not to Do When Buying 2020 Engagement Rings

The modern man informs himself and explores his options when buying items, so browsing for engagement bands requires nothing less.

Consolidating all of the above tips and pointers, you’re sure to source the perfect engagement ring with these final band buying guidelines.

1. It’s Not Only About You

Your darling will wear her engagement ring from this day forward, so she must adore it.

If your family treasure’s not her taste, you may need to offer it to another family member.

Don’t buy the first ring that grabs your attention either, as it might not be what she likes at all.

2. Be Inspired

After you’ve made the decision to propose, look out for what can be your muse.

If you need a push, scroll through Instagram engagement band photos or Google current celebrity engagement bands.

Sure, your finances don’t match up with a prince’s.

But seeing what’s fashionable in pop culture and social media can motivate you to know what to include in your engagement band designing or purchasing journey.

3. Keep Your Options Open

Perhaps you’re looking for a particular band.

Consider various options before you reach your conclusion.

A diamond engagement purchase shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It’s not only an expensive acquisition but it’s a forever item.

Proceed slowly and don’t buy the first ring you set your eyes on.

4. Have an Open Mind

Purchasing an engagement band comes with its doubts and uncertainties, but your nerves needn’t prevent you from buying the absolute finest for your future bride.

By keeping an open mind you’ll be amazed at what you’ll come across, especially if you consider cuts or styles you normally wouldn’t have.

The most favored engagement ring cut is round diamonds, but you might see a stunning emerald or marquise cut or even an antique gem that steals your heart.

The Takeaway

The very best wishes to you if you find yourself in the market for a diamond engagement ring.

What a wonderful adventure you’re about to embark on! Savor every step as you begin your quest of finding the best ring for your bride.

By remembering these top 2020 fashion movements and buyer’s tips you’ll source just the ring you’ve been dreaming of for your sweetheart.

A ring that’s been picked with love and care is a timeless and invaluable investment.

Keeping in line with contemporary jewelry fashion styles is your starting point as you search for the jewel of a lifetime.

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