What should I look for when buying a diamond engagement ring?

Looking for a ring for your loved one? Our nine rules will help you get it right!
What should I look for when buying a diamond engagement ring?

How to Choose an Engagement Ring?

Do you think you’ll get engaged soon, looking at rings whenever you and your partner happen to be at the mall?

Or perhaps you’re frantically googling and browsing to find the PERFECT diamond engagement ring.

Read our nine guidelines and you’ll quickly know how to discover the perfect diamond engagement ring that you’ll adore ‘for better or for worse’.

First Up: Shape

You may have heard about the 4 C factor?

That relates to clarity, carat, color and the cut of the stone.

Yes, they’re important but don’t necessarily start with all four of those in mind.

You really need to consider the shape of your stone first.

Where cut may refer to the gem’s angles, here we’re talking about which geometrical shape the bride will fall in love with and love seeing every day.

Next, Pick a Setting

When you talk with your jeweler about setting, it’s the structure—usually of a specific metal—on which the designer mounts the gem.

You’ll be surprised how big a role this plays in the character of the diamond engagement ring, no matter what stone you pick.

Imagine a round diamond set on a bezel setting.

That will give it a modern feel.

And if you want to follow classic themes, take your oval stone—a popular trend these days—and place it on a setting with four prongs.

See? Match the correct shape—that’s why we mentioned that first—to the ideal setting option and you’ve got a winner.

Which Style Will Work Best?

Above we mentioned couples browsing the mall for rings; we hope you realize that it’s quite common to share in the buying process.

The ring doesn’t have to be a surprise.

Of course, some may still prefer a traditional approach and catch their partners off guard.

Just remember to do thorough research first so you pick something they will definitely like:

  • Perhaps a family member or close friend knows their style?
  • Take note of the type of rings your partner likes to wear.
  • Consider whether they opt for certain metals. Gold? Silver? Or platinum?
  • Identify whether a vintage look is closer to their personal style than a modern piece of jewelry.

Yes, it may take some time and effort but picking the perfect piece in the end is priceless.

What Metal for the Band?

Now which metal must the jeweler use to create the look?

You’ll often find platinum high on everyone’s lists because it lasts long.

Also, it’s pure and hypo-allergenic which is good news if your skin reacts to other substances.

Your other options include:

  • Gold: Pick a color because these days you’ll find rose, white, yellow and green options.
  • Palladium: This is gray metal.
  • Recycled material: This metal is often a combination of gold and platinum. It’s how you can bring both modern and classic vibes into your wedding jewelry.

Get Yourself a Stone

Now we come to the part of the ring that’s bound to cost the most: the jewel.

Ask your jeweler for advice; the good vendors won’t mind helping you find the best option.

Important: those stones showcased in jewelry shops are sometimes only examples of what you can get on the market.

So do the work and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Some couples will invest in estate rings, but in most cases you’ll purchase a loose gem, not one already in a setting.

What’s Your Budget?

Here’s our advice on how to buy engagement ring:

Forget that outdated saying that a ring should cost a suitor three months of his salary.

Why go into debt?

If you know your bride-to-be would appreciate a large sized stone, simply purchase one that’s flatter, but has substantial surface area.

You’ll lose sparkle, but your bride will get what her heart desires.

Also, do you know that stones that are just below the next carat in size will come much cheaper than an actual 1ct or 2ct gem?

But will anyone really notice the difference?

So, why not save up to 20% for a large, but slightly smaller stone and make it easy to keep to your budget?

Alternatively, go for diamonds that don’t have the best clarity ratings.

They’ll still be gorgeous thanks to sparkle.

Safety is Paramount

Throughout the process, make sure you work with the right PEOPLE and STONES:

  • Go to jewelers that others recommend to you.
  • Ask about the business’ affiliation in the industry, such as entities that are members of GIA. Others may have Jewelers of America accreditation.
  • Discuss the policies for returns before you purchase so you can bring back the gem if your fiancé really doesn’t like it.
  • Opt for franchises and chain stores where you’re also likely to come across more sale options

Do You Have 6 Weeks?

So, you know what the ring must look like and it’s being made.

Did you know a uniquely made ring can take six weeks or even more to complete?

Helpful tip: inscriptions should be ordered along with your ring order, not after you receive it.

Have Documentation in Place

There are systems in place that issue reports about each diamond graded by entities such as the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America.

So, when you purchase a diamond of 1ct or bigger, make sure you get a report from one of these institutions.

On the report you’ll find information such as:

  • Feedback on the four Cs
  • Whether anyone performed changes to the diamond
  • Who designed it—it could have been someone famous
  • The specific shape
  • Its size
  • Is it an antique?
  • Was it made by hand?
  • Are you buying a custom-made piece of jewelry?

This is important for insurance and sentiment, so ask your jeweler for the paperwork before you leave!

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