What Is The Most Popular Carat Size For Engagement Rings

Does size really matter? This question is used in so many different spaces for many different reasons but when it comes to the gemstone on an engagement ring, is this question truly that important?
What Is The Most Popular Carat Size For Engagement Rings

What’s The Most Popular Carat Size In Singapore?

The most popular carat size for stone in Singapore is between 0.5 to 1 carat

Saying this, there are many factors that need to be considered when deciding on the final carat size of the stone an engagement ring will have.

Consider the following: personal preference, budget, ring design and any other social norms one may lean into.

Although there is no hard & fast rule on size and carats the gemstone needs to be, here are some guidelines to help you start at a reasonable baseline.

What is the Right Weight?

What the right weight for your final engagement ring comes in at, is based on several factors.

To help you along the decision process, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

Consider Both Size and Weight

Disclaimer—it’s important to remember that carats are a unit of weight and not a measurement of size.

Some gems are cut to make them look bigger or smaller, but their carat size remains the same.

For example, a 1ct stone may be cut to look bigger, but still weighting 1ct on the scale.

Also depending on the jeweler, you choose to use they may have a certain way of cutting the stones to look bigger or smaller but still keeping the weight.

What’s Your Budget?

Your budget is yours to set.

There is no rule that states how much the overall engagement ring should cost, but it should all work within the budget you set.

The budget will determine the carat size of the gemstone or stones you’ll be able to get.

Remember to communicate this upfront with the jeweler. you can also see the diamond carat size chart.

What Size Finger are You Buying for?

The finger size of who will be wearing the ring is something to also consider.

You want to make sure that the final engagement ring and the gemstones used, suit the finger size of the wearer.

Should you make the ring for someone with smaller hands, a big stone, will look overwhelming on their delicate finger.

In contrast someone with wider fingers may need a larger cut stone or more stones, making sure that the ring looks comfortable and full on their finger.

Pick the Right Setting

Certain sized stones need a certain setting to make sure that the overall ring looks balanced and perfect on the wearer’s finger.

Don’t pick too big or small a setting.

Your jeweller can guide you with this making sure that the stone you pick, and any other additional elements work well with the final setting of the ring.

Is it Practical? Will She Like it?

Make sure that the perfect diamond ring and the size of the stone is something that will be practical for the wearer’s everyday life.

You may love for them to have a large stone on their finger but if they work with their hands extensively, this may not be practical.

Also, consider the wearer’s preference.

You may love a large stone for them, but they may prefer a slightly understated gem.

Carat Weight Etiquette: What NOT to Say

Here’s an interesting question you may often think of: how does a specific ring compare to others?

Is there a countrywide average you can compare yours to?

Guess what: that’s not a very civil thing to ask anyone.

Etiquette guidelines state that you’re free to ask someone where they found an exquisite ring; but refrain from asking them about cost, carats and value details. Let’s not offend!

So? Which Stone Will Suit Your Ring?

At the end of the day, after all the guidelines seen here and the conversations you may have along the way, the final ring and the stones you decide on, are your decision.

All that truly matters at the end, is that you’re happy with what you picked, it works for your budget and the one wearing it at the end loves it too.

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