What Diamond Cut Is Best For My Engagement Ring?

The BIG question is soon to be asked and an essential question looms large in your mind: What diamond cut is best for me?
What diamond cut is best for my engagement ring

Prior knowledge of diamond cut, quality and radiance is vital as these will influence the design of the promise-of-forever band to soon ring your finger for all to see.

To help aid you in your decision making, below we give an overview of various stone cuts, their forms, their unique characteristics, and the shape & size of hands they are best suited for.

Diamond Cut Defined

Simply put ‘diamond cut’ refers to both:

  1. The clarity of your diamond’s radiance, called sparkle in the industry
  2. The shape to which your diamond is hewn

Finding the Best Cut Quality

The quality of your precious stone’s cut therefore plays a part in whether your diamond will reflect natural and other light around you for that just-engaged sparkle you desire.

Still unsure of what cut to pick? Never fear, your local jeweler will advise you on the ‘cut quality’ of the diamond you have chosen.

A good guideline to follow is:

For diamonds up to 0.50 carat, a minimum “good” cut is suggested while for bigger gems, a “very good” or an “excellent” cut is ideal.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

The unique shape of each diamond lends itself to different levels of radiance and sparkle.

As with every item of jewelry, beauty is in the correct fit and design for the individual shape of hand.

Below is a list compiled of the best diamond cuts:

How to Select the Right Cut for Me—7 Popular Cut Options (Diamond Cut Types)

1. Round Cut

As the name suggests this cut is circular in shape.

It is the diamond cut of popular selection due to its radiant sparkle and its versatility to suit all hand sizes & shapes. The diamond graces its band for a proportionate and unassuming complement to your fingers.

This choice, however will be marginally pricier due to most of the rough diamond being cut away in the process of cutting the original stone.

The large majority of engagement rings purchased (over 75%) are cut to this shape.

2. Princess Cut

Flattering for all types of hand shapes, this cut is a square and a modern take on the round cut.

It also offers that exceptional radiant sparkle while disguising any imperfections (inclusions) and looks exquisite no matter the size.

Initially introduced in the 1970s, its symmetric shape tends to attract those with a flair for contemporary pieces.

3. Emerald Cut

Are your hands wide and short?

Then this increasingly popular antique-styled rectangular cut is the perfect option for you.

Your fingers will appear longer, thinner and more elegant graced with this cut.

Light is reflected and refracted off the jewel’s flat surfaces (facets) in longer, sustained flashes instead of the dazzling twinkle the round and princess cuts offer.

4. Marquise Cut

With the appearance of a tapered round cut, this option lends itself to a more sophisticated look that will make your finger appear slender.

The diamond appears bigger than its carat size due to its wider surface area.

Used as a symbol of rank in the 18th century among courtiers, the marquise cut diamond has its origins and name in the title given above a count.

5. Oval Cut

Stunning on all hand shapes this cut, similar to the round cut, radiates a dazzling sparkle.

It’s elongated and gives the illusion of bigger size.

Should you wish for the same dazzle and gracefulness of the round cut combined with something less traditional & more unique, then this a possible alternative for you.

6. Pear Shape

This cut is also known as a ‘tear drop diamond’ for its resemblance to a tear drop, featuring a curved bottom and pointed top.

It joins the marquise and oval cuts into a magnificent combination of brilliance and fire.

Dating back to the 1450s, this cut is also admired for its vintage-styled glamor.

If your hands are shorter and you’re striving for a lengthened appearance to your fingers, then this cut is your best option.

7. Cushion Cut

An alternative to the princess cut, the cushion cut offers you the added elegance of rounded square corners.

Perfect for wider fingers, should you be looking for an eye-catching, modern yet lavish vintage feel that combines brilliance and dazzle, this cut offers a first-class option for you.

This was the most popular choice in cut before the creation of the round cut diamond at the start of the 20th century.

To Round, Princess, Emerald, Marquise, Oval, Pear or Cushion?

At the end of the day, what delights your heart in the design of your engagement ring is completely different to what others prefer.

Thus, the perfect solution for your diamond dilemma should be based on your unique style, taste and preferences in jewelry.

Hopefully, the above insights into diamond quality, cut and shape guide you to your ultimate decision.

Still unsure…? Our advice to you: opt for:

  • Solitaire ring
  • Round cut
  • Excellent or even very good cut quality

It’s the majority’s winning favorite and sure to please with its timeless elegance & radiant sparkle.

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