What Are The Different Engagement Ring Styles?

A regular guy will often feel very overwhelmed by the vast amount of engagement rings available to him. Well, do not be alarmed - start with this step and the rest will be easier.
What are the different engagement ring styles

This simple advice for Engagement Ring Styles is surprisingly very effective – first choose an engagement ring style and then focus on the variety within the style.

These are the main engagement ring styles:

Classic engagement ring styles

The most popular engagement ring styles from a classic point of view:

  • Solitaire engagement ring – this style of engagement ring is a very simple one – only one diamond is set in the engagement ring. For example:

Side Stones engagement ring – normally a rather minimal ring shank set with small diamonds on each side and one center diamond. For example:

Halo engagement ring  – this is a very popular style since it gives a lot of presence to a ring – by setting small diamonds around the center. For example:

Vintage style engagement rings 
Vintage is one of the most sought after engagement ring styles these last few years. People use the word vintage a lot but sometimes they actually refer to these options:
Antique style engagement ring – antique normally refers to styles common before 1949. Normally these are more massive rings with a lot of details.

Art deco style engagement rings – sub period of the antique period, normally refers to the rings of the 1920s and 1930s art deco styles.

Boho style engagement rings – The Boho period was a long period that lasted about 200 years.
These days people who look for this style normally look for more angles and shapes in their rings or smaller details. For example:

Twist style engagement rings
Twist is a general term for engagement rings with a shank that is nor “regular” and round but twisted in one way or another.
Sometimes the twist is to emphasize the diamond and sometimes the shank. For example:

How to choose engagement ring style

Luckily for you almost all women drop hints regarding this subject 🙂 All you have to do is listen.

If you are still clueless we will sit together with you and discuss about your loved one, her taste and stand in life and we will try to do the best with the info.

**Always get a ring that you can exchange if necessary.

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