Types Of Engagement Ring Settings

An engagement ring is no doubt a symbol of affection. Over the years many couples have moved away from buying ready-made engagement rings. Rather, they prefer to design their own. . And rightly so considering how you’ll be wearing it every single day.
Types Of Engagement Ring Settings

Gone are the days when women settled for just a shiny rock on their fingers.

Now they want an engagement ring that reflects their personality with perfect Engagement Ring Settings.

After all; who wouldn’t want a ring that’s as unique as you?

How to Design an Engagement Ring with Engagement Ring Settings

Designing your custom made engagement ring is pretty simple—for you anyway.

Your only task is to pick the Engagement Ring Settings and the diamond.

And the designer does the rest.

In case you’re not sure about what options are at your disposal, we list the most common types of engagement rings; both the setting and diamond.

What Are the Different Types?


If you’re a fan of timeless and classic pieces, then the Solitaire engagement ring is the right pick for you.

The ring comprises of just a single stone and is perfectly placed on a plain band.

This is certainly the option to go with if you want something simple and not too over the top but that still looks sophisticated.


If you don’t want your band to be too plain, then consider the Pave engagement ring.

The Engagement Ring Settings is covered with small diamonds to give your ring a stunning luminous appearance.

Because the stones are small, the ring is still subtle but displays a solid diamond-filled surface.

Channel Set

Pick the Channel set if you want an attractive but sturdy engagement ring.

Embedded with stunning side diamonds on the settings, this ring is the epitome of elegance.

Unlike most rings, this type doesn’t have prongs.

Rather the diamond pieces are held in place inside the band grooves.


This is the ring to pick if you want your center stone to be the focus.

The side diamonds are carefully placed on the sides of the setting and will draw attention to the stone in the middle.

Make a statement with this ring that’ll no doubt have heads turning.

Three Stone

For an even more dramatic piece, consider this three stone engagement ring.

Two side diamonds are placed around the center stone to accentuate the size.

The end result is a beautiful ring that’ll certainly create that much desired ‘’wow” effect.

You’ll certainly be the envy of your friends with this piece.


The modern woman will find this type of engagement ring captivating.

Pick this ring that features a plain but bold setting which holds the center stone in place.


Sparkle and shine with this beautiful Halo engagement ring.

The center stone is surrounded by many tiny diamonds to give you that extra hint of sparkle, enough to dazzle your audience.


As the name suggests, this traditional-styled engagement ring is ideally suited for the sentimental romantic.

Evoke past memories with this Vintage ring every time you look at your finger.


Can also be referred to as a cup setting, bezel setting means setting the stone inside of the gold and “close it in there”. The nice thing about it, as you see often in gem stone settings, is the alignment of the gold around the stone shape. The problem with it is that it blocks the sunlight from entering the diamond from its belt.


Do you know which engagement ring you’re going to pick?

Whether you want loose or fancy color diamonds, make sure you pick one that resembles your style.

You want a ring that warms your heart every time you look down at it.

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