Types Of Diamond Cuts

All gems are specifically cut to bring out the best in the stone. This is why the process of cutting a diamond is so critical: it brings it to life and sets it apart from all other precious stones.
Types Of Diamond Cuts

Each Diamond Cuts stone is also unique.

The aim is to accentuate the individual character by working around the flaws and facets, cutting the stone into smaller pieces to deliver the most value from the original stone.

The overriding objective is to bring Diamond Cuts it to life: the enhance its color and brilliance by cutting it in such a way that the light traveling in, through and out of it changes the stone into a rare beauty.

When this is achieved, brilliance and clarity are enhanced.

With far more internal light reflection, the stone will appear to be bigger than another poorly cut stone of the same mass.

The master cutter aims to achieve this as it enhances both beauty and value.

This brings us to Ideal Cut diamonds.

Ideal Cut Diamonds

The best results are usually achieved through round, brilliant or princess cuts as far as the original stone allows.

They are gauged by symmetry and sheen with a focus on balance.

The angles and facets are structured to guide light right through the stone.

The crown of the stunning ideal cut collection is the magnificent array of Heart and Arrow diamonds, the timeless terms of endearment.

They are shaped just thus, revealing tiny irradiating heart and v shapes when viewed from the pavilion.

The best cut Heart and Arrow diamonds are instantly recognizable in this respect.

They’re most popularly known as “Hearts on Fire” diamonds, named for the brilliant fire seemingly emanating from within.

Brilliance, Dispersion & Scintillation Explained

Diamonds are far more about light than about stone because after all, it’s the light that captivates us.

The stone is merely a vessel.

These three aspects are the bedrock of beauty and value: Brilliance refers to light reflected.

Dispersion is the internal ‘rainbow effect’.

Scintillation is the fire:

This is where the light dispersed spectrum comes alive, depending on the viewer’s perspective.

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