Red Diamond

Diamonds are cherished because of their rarity. A gem-quality stone is one of the rarest formations in nature. There are various colored stones that are formed but perhaps one of the most unusual of them all is the predominantly red diamond.
Red Diamond

The term predominantly red refers to the shades of red in the diamond.

The red hue is the primary color of the diamond with no secondary colors such as purple.

Between the years 1957 and 1987, there were no GIA records for red diamonds.

This simply goes to show how rare these stones are.

GIA has nine global laboratories that grade many diamonds every year including the world’s most famous colored stones.

So how does the red diamond form this beautiful shade within the stone?

Well, this adds to the mystery of the red stone.

GIA researchers who specialize in the research of diamonds with state of the art lab equipment, are still baffled by what causes the deep red hues to occur in the stone.

Experts suggest that defects in the atomic structure created by gliding may be responsible for the red hues.

Gliding refers to atoms that move along the octahedral direction.

The Hancock Red weighing 0.95 is a famous diamond.

In 1987 the Hancock Red was sold at an auction for $880,000 which was the most expensive diamond ever to be sold with $926,315 paid per carat.

This selling price was eight times its pre-sale prediction.

Russell Shor, a GIA senior analyst stated that people’s interest was sparked thanks to the information of the Hancock Red as well as some other colored stones being widely publicized.

Specifically, celebrities took notice.

Also, cutters have more insight into getting more intense hues by using the correct methods when polishing a stone.

GIA uses the word “Fancy” for grading colored gems.

The GIA report will state one of the following grades for each color stone:

Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense or Fancy Vivid.

A diamond with a Fancy Vivid grading has the most intense color with the greatest value.

But the Hancock Red isn’t the only well-known diamond.

The Moussaeiff Red is another famous red stone which is a modified triangular brilliant diamond that weighs 5.11 carats.

The Moussaeiff Red was showcased at The Splendor of Diamonds exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in 2003.

Four diamonds that were on display at the same exhibit made the Moussaeiff Red look extremely small in comparison, yet gemologists considered the stone extraordinary and worthy of showcasing.

Gems & Gemology published an article in 2003 stating that the Moussaeiff Red had the most astounding color ever seen.

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