Pink Diamond

When you look at natural pink diamonds you’re bound to be enthralled by their beauty but also what they represent: luxury and romance. It’s clear to see why they’re so popular.
Pink Diamond

Apart from their beauty, one other reason these pink diamond stones are so popular and sought after for collections is because they’re so rare.


Of course this makes them valuable, resulting in The Argyle Diamond Mine reporting that some pink diamonds being 20 times more expensive than a similar white diamond.

Now you understand why stylish celebrities and leaders such as Queen Elizabeth II, J.Lo and Victoria Beckham have been seen wearing these stones.

Here’s another reason why they’re so unique:


You’ll find very little gemmological info regarding these stones.

Let’s discuss what there IS to know so you can decide whether you want to purchase one of these diamonds too.

Where Does the Pink Come from?

You can grade a pink diamond in a similar way to what you would do with other colored stones. You’ll use terms such as:

  • Fancy vivid
  • Fancy intense
  • Very light
  • Faint
  • Fancy light
  • Fancy deep

Note that the stones with the strongest colors will be the most expensive.

Look at a pink diamond ring and you’re bound to see secondary colors, also called a modifying color.


This can be purplish, an orange hue or even brown.

When you look at the official documentation of your stone you’ll see descriptions such as ‘orange pink’ or ‘purple pink’ to refer to these hues.

Note that even though it’s a pink diamond, that is the second color mentioned in descriptions.

For weaker hues the industry uses ‘brownish’ or ‘orangy’ etc.

You may have heard where other colored diamonds get their hues from, such as the boron that gives blue diamonds their beautiful shades or displaced carbon atoms resulting in green stones.


But you won’t get such an easy explanation for pink diamonds.

To date it’s still not known exactly where this color originates from.

One explanation is that as the stone is pushed towards the surface, deformations occur because the diamond’s structure alters.

This flaw can result in a stone that absorbs light in a unique way, giving us the lovely pink stones.

Where Did These Pink Stones Originate?

You’ll find pink diamonds in various countries including Canada, Brazil, Russia and South Africa.


But travel to Australia to see where the most beautiful of them all are mined.

This happens in Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine, which has its head office in Perth.

The mine actually cuts and polishes its mined diamonds before they sell them and sales happen via an exclusive tendering process.

Out of 1 million carats of diamonds mined, only 1 carat of these rough diamonds will be appropriate for selling via the tender.


Now you can see why these stones are so rare on the market and very valuable.

Most pink diamonds will be measured at around 1 carat.


In total, each year around 40 or maybe 50 carats will be up for sale.

This isn’t a large number of stones, but they can cost you anything from $100 000 to $1 000 000 for a carat.

In some cases, even more than $1 000 000!

The rate per carat is based on aspects such as clarity, the cut and also the intensity of the hue.

With a diminishing supply across the board, many are trying to purchase one of these rare stones before there aren’t any left on the market.


Good news for collectors is that a new mine was opened—underground—in Australia.

It’s in the Kimberley area and the plan is that it will function during the whole of 2020.

Of the 20 million carats in diamonds expected to be delivered from the mine in total, a small portion will be the much-sought pink gems.

What do You Have to Pay for a Pink Diamond Ring?

A pink diamond is one of the most treasured colored diamonds on the jewel market.


If a pink diamond ring is intense or vivid you’ll pay as much as you would for blue diamonds that are extremely scarce.

You’ll even pay steep prices if you pick a stone smaller than 1 carat.

Of course, the price will always be impacted by the modifying hues.


If you’re willing to settle for a less valuable but cheaper stone you can look for a pink diamond with a secondary hue of brown.

Because it’s fairly common you’ll pay a little less. But not all secondary hues will mean your stone will come cheap.

A purplish pink hue is very rare to find, and the scarcity makes these types more expensive.

Well Known Pink Diamonds

There are many famous diamonds, such as the Daria-i-Noor weighing an impressive 186 carats.


It’s light pink and a beautiful table cut.

Many royals wore it as part of the crown jewels.

But in 1739 it was returned to Iran by the army of Persia.

At 60.0 carats the Noor-ul-Ain is also impressive and was placed on a tiara for Empress Farah Pahlavi for her wedding in 1958.


It’s called ‘the light of the eye’ and is quite apt because it’s a pale pink gem.

This famous stone came from the Golconda mines in India.

There are also famous intense pink diamonds such as the Graff Pink Diamond.


This one weighs in at 24.78 carats and is graded as Type IIa.

In 2010, at an auction of Sotheby’s this stunning stone was purchased at a price of $46 million.

This was a record amount paid for a pink diamond with the previous record being $17.4 million.

This was in 2012 at an auction hosted by Christie’s, where the Martian Pink stone—also an intense pink gem with a Type IIa rating—was purchased.

In 2005 a pear-shaped, fancy pink stone that weighed 25.02 carats cost $6 million.


This one is called the Rose of Dubai.

Other impressive stones include the Steinmetz Pink stone weighing 59.60 carats, which is an oval cut gem from South Africa.


And then there’s the Shah Jahaan.

The latter weighs 56.71 carats and this light pink stone is a table-cut gem.

The Steinmetz Pink even has a clarity grade of ‘Internally Flawless’, increasing its value substantially.

Lastly, we’ll mention the 34.65 carat Princie Diamond.


Also sold at Christie’s, this one had a price tag of $39.3 million at an auction in 2013.

It has a VS2 clarity rating. This cushion-cut gem was a fancy intense pink which is quite striking.

Now that you know what your options are when picking out a pink diamond, which one will you choose?

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