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Wilf Diamonds Ltd. is a diamond manufacturer established in 2004, at the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, Israel.

The CEO and owner of the company, Gilad Wilf, founded it after 12 years in the diamond wholesale industry. He realized that as the diamond market is expending every year, diamond consumers learn more and gain better understanding of the importance of the quality they should expect – and therefore, the market gets more demanding.

With this realisation, and on the basis of a shortage in high quality and meticulous goods accross the industry, Wilf Diamonds Ltd. was founded; We decided to take the need in the market as a pursuit of excellence, and that is why we offer ideal cut diamonds, sets and matching paris, like no others in the market, and we guarantee that these will be the most sparkling diamonds at the best value for money.

After over a decade in the industry, our company has grown and today operates in a number of markets around the world, including Israel, India, Europe and the United States. We also expended our services over the years by opening a high-end jewelry brand called Dianoche PTE Ltd., and an online buying department of pre-owned diamond and gold jewelry – Sell Your Jewelry – both located in Singapore. 


Our mission is to offer our clients competitive prices without compromising on the quality of goods. For us, everything revolves around the spark of the diamond and its reflections of light. That’s why we commit that our diamonds and jewelry are the most sparkling you’ll find.


Our vission is to create a long term relationship with our customers. That’s why we advocate complete transparency, providing our clients with the most detailed information we have about the goods they are buying. We want to make sure that they know we will always be selling them the best possible goods under their budget.

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As our experience in the diamond industry continues to grow, we gained vast knowledge along the way and we are happy to share it with our clients every day.


We consider transparency as a crucial factor when buying a diamond; It is common to only get partial information in an industry where so many variables affect a product’s price. At Wilf Diamonds we ennsure that you get full information on your diamond before making a purchase.


We do not take lightly the term “shopping experience” because selling our goods is not our only goal; we also care about our clients deeply, so we provide them with professional, efficient and pleasant service we believe we all deserve.


Our diamonds are with no BGM. We avoid dealing with them on personal level and object to the tendency of selling them without informing the customer. That is why we guarantee our clients only tint-free, white diamonds.


The way a diamond was made is what determines its level of sparkle and brilliance. And because it’s all about the saprk for us, we offer top make and finish.

All our round brilliant diamonds are 3EX and our fancy cut diamonds have grading levels of very-good to excellent.

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