Engagement Ring Singapore Price

This is a subject that many of our visitors try to ask us about but for some reason are a little hesitant to ask directly.
Engagement Ring Singapore Price

This post will be all about the engagement ring Singapore price.

Let’s face it though – everybody likes to compare.

Regarding the average price for an engagement ring in Singapore we are basing our answers on 2 things

  1. Experience from private sales and retail clients (the diamonds they buy for bread and butter jewelry like an engagement ring).

  2. Basic research online and in statistical sites.

So keep in mind this is not an exact answer but a ballpark answer.

The average sum that young guys in Singapore spend on engagement rings is about 7000 SGD.

If we broaden the numbers – The majority of the people spend between 3000-10000 SGD for an engagement ring.

Normally the minimum cost is about 1000 SGD and the maximum, in general, is about 20,000 SGD.

3 months salary engagement ring rule? 

Well we can definitely say this rule does not apply to Singapore.

The average salary in Singapore is about 6000 SGD.

So, the 7000 is the ballpark average for an engagement ring we can safely say you don’t have to follow the rule.

So how much should a man spend on an engagement ring? 

Even with the average being 7000 SGD, this average is not proper for many young men’s salary and financial situation.

So we truly believe that you should buy according to your current situation.

If this is an important matter for you – buy something modest now, and upgrade to something nicer later on.

The most important thing to remember about the average price of an engagement ring in Singapore: 

The jewelry business is one of the most extreme price wise.

For example, the same natural diamond with the exact same quality and certification can be sold at completely different prices to the end customer – we see differences of 300-400 percent in diamond pricing!!!

So we believe that the most important thing for you to ask is how to take my suitable budget and use it in the best possible way.

In one place a ring can cost 5000 SGD and the exact same ring with the same natural materials can cost 15,000 SGD at major brands and so on.

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