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What is the best investment in diamonds? In the past 20 years the price of different diamonds has doubled. That's the reason that many people invest in diamonds as well.
How Can U Tell if a Diamond is Real

What is the best Diamond Investments?

In the past 20 years the price of different diamonds has doubled. That’s the reason that many people invest in diamonds as well as Diamond Investments is good. Not only do they increase their value but they’re also small, light and very easy to carry from one place to another.

The question is; what kind of diamonds are the best investment? Should we invest in D-F color or go for a lower color such as K as long as the face up is white? Should we invest in clarity IF or VS in which the inclusions are almost invisible and is still cheaper than IF, or even go for a nice I1 which will enable me to buy a bigger diamond and pay much less?

This article will help you understand what a smart purchase of a diamond is. So, let’s start with diamonds for investment.

The rarest the diamond is, the better investment it is.

If you are looking to buy a diamond for investment then you need to look for the rarest diamonds …means

Round 1ct+ D IF 3EX:

A round diamond with color D and clarity IF – The whitest and cleanest natural diamond. The bigger the diamond is, the rarest it is. Therefore, it’s mostly recommended with a 1ct stone and up.

Please note that other than the quality of the diamond, the cut is also an important factor as it affects the luster of the stone, therefore try and go only for Ideal Cut diamond (Triple EX).

In Fancy shape diamonds (all other shapes that are not Round) the most important details are the model of the diamond, the ratio & the cut – it’s much harder to create a perfect reflection of the light in Fancy shape diamonds (such as Pear, Heart, Oval, Marquise and other unique shapes that are neither square nor round). Since Fancy shape diamonds can look different from one another even though they have the same model (For example:  a Pear shape can look either narrow and long or fatter and shorter), GIA grades only Polish & Symmetry. Not only this, but sometimes in a Fancy shape diamond good or very good symmetry can look better and bigger because the idea is to keep the light reflection all over the diamond.

Another important detail with Fancy shape is the ratio of the diamond – you have to make sure that there are less “dark windows” in the diamond as they affect the luster of the stone. The diamond should throw light out and not in and the less “dark windows” there are the more light is thrown out.

Big Diamonds (8ct+):

Another item for a good investment is a big diamond (8ct+). Very big diamonds are rare and therefore make a very good investment.

The principal of the best cut, ratio and shape is valid here as well.

From left to right.

10.03 ct HVS2 Gia

13.22 ct Round Brilliant with Gia GIF

16.88 ct DIF Round Diamond

Fancy Color diamonds:

Fancy color diamonds have become a “hot commodity” in the last 20 years and strong colors such as Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Red & Purple are hard to find. So if you have a chance purchasing such a stone with Fancy to Vivid color with no overtone like brown, you can be rest assured you have a rare diamond.

Since the main goal in natural colored diamonds is to keep the color as vivid as possible, there’s less emphasis on the cutting propositions and in some cases we see Fancy color diamonds that are cut higher than they should therefore please make sure the diamond throws the color out.

Most of the Fancy color diamonds are not with one tone of color, but there’s a tint of another color. For example: Fancy Pink Purplish – The Pink is the dominant color, but there’s also a tone of Purple.

Personally, I like better these beautiful diamonds with a mix of colors that create together a stunning color of the diamond, but the straight Fancy Color diamonds are more expensive.

So, if there’s no crazy mix of colors then the diamond probably worth less.


When purchasing a certified stone, it’s very important from what lab the certificate is. The following laboratories are the most reliable ones, when GIA is considered the best  and the most known all over the world::

  1. GIA
  2. HRD
  3. IGI

All other certificates, or at least most of them, are not traded between dealers as their grading is very different from the stone itself. As the saying goes “The cheap is the expensive”.

From left to right.

Fancy intense Pink purplish Vs1 0.87 carat Gia

Fancy intense Blue VVS2 1.07 carat with Gia

Fancy pink diamond in heart shape 0.95 carat FL

Fancy pink orange with gia 0.75 carat vs1

Fancy intense orange vvs2 Gia

Fancy green 0.87 carat Vs2 0.93 carat

Fancy grey 1.10 carat Gia

Fancy vivid yellow oval shape 0.83 carat


What is BGM in Diamonds?

BGM is a short of Brown Green & Milky. These three things mustn’t be in a diamond, especially one for investment as they affect the liveliness of the diamond. Please always make sure the diamond you purchase has none of these three characteristics and that it has an excellent luster (which affects the brightness and the light of the stone).

Laser Inscription:

Please make sure the diamond has a laser inscription from the lab (normally it’s the cert.

that is inscribed on the girdle of the diamond). That insured that the stone you purchase is indeed the same one that is indicated in the certificate.


A sealed diamond (blister) is another way to make sure you get the diamond that appears on the cert. The lab. seals the stone and that way it ensures that no one has opened the diamond cover.


A question that rises many times is whether the fluorescence is bad for the diamond.

According to GIA article regarding the fluorescence, up to Medium or even a nice Strong there’s no telling the difference on the diamond itself. Yet, for Diamond Investments people prefer purchasing diamonds with fluorescence None or Faint/Slight.

In case you purchase a Medium Blue diamond, please make sure it’s substantially cheaper than a None or Faint stone (at least 20% less than None)

Once the Investing in diamonds is done, and you purchase is complete, always remember to get the invoice form the seller otherwise you’ll have no proof of the purchase and as a result you will not be able to return it even if you realise it’s a synthetic or a treated diamond.

The most important for diamond investors-Never touch Bgm Diamonds

Milky Diamond milky diamond 2   milky diamond 3 very good luster.     Ideal luster

K color with faint brown  H color with Green touch        Zimbabwe

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