Customize Engagement Ring

Discover all you need to know about purchasing customized diamond proposal or engagement rings in Singapore
Customized Engagement Ring

Customized Engagement Ring

Before we start with today’s topic of customized engagement ring I have two questions to ask you?

Is that much-anticipated proposal or engagement drawing closer?

Also, are you thinking of buying a customized diamond ring for the occasion in Singapore?

No doubt, the entire process can seem overwhelming.

You want the ring to be perfect for your future fiance.

After all, this is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make.

And what could be more perfect than a customized engagement ring especially designed for your significant other?

Customized Engagement Ring Explained

Picking a distinct ring design is the very first step to customizing your engagement diamond ring.

You want a style that complements the impeccable diamond in question and more importantly your wife-to-be.

We don’t need to remind you how unique every woman is.

Women have varying tastes when it comes to ring style & design.

If you’re thinking of searching online for inspiration, then don’t.

You are likely to find over-the-top designs that your better half won’t find in the least amusing.

Our advice?

Rather make it your mission to learn your woman’s individual preferences and start from there.

Not sure where to begin?

Take your cue from the following ideas that’ll help you design a customize engagement ring that’ll definitely blow her mind.

5 Unique Customized Engagement Ring Ideas

Try Bespoke with Milgrain Engraved

Is your significant other a fan of vintage?

If so then consider this option.

Milgrains (which means ‘thousands of grains’) are beads that are put along the ring borders and give the ring the antique feel.

The process is using Cameo, an old age Greek technique from the 3RD century.

Furthermore, it is interesting to know that jewelers and even vessels were carved using this procedure.

During those days, the technique was only used on signet rings.

These rings had carvings that symbolized two hands clasping as an act of consensus to the marriage.

As time went by, the Romans changed this symbol to represent the bodies or faces of the actual couples.

To date, signet rings don’t carry the same grave meaning or symbolism they had during those days.

The term is now used loosely to describe any carvings made onto a ring’s borders.

Vines, Twirls or Twigs on Your Ring

Does your loved one prefer bold & unique designs that makes her stand out from the rest?

You might want to set your sights on this design that’ll certainly make a statement.

Intertwined bands, that can either be simplistic or detailed depending on your girlfriend’s preferences, are in the ring characterization.

You can either customize the ring with effortless braids for simplicity or twigs for a bolder and textured feel.

Alternatively, you can add a myriad of tiny diamonds on the band making them look like sophisticated vines surrounding the main diamond.

Opt for this option if your girlfriend prefers something more daring.

Disney Themed Jewelry

If your partner is fun-loving and high-spirited, you can opt for a customized ring with a playful Disney-inspired design.

The ring can either feature sea-shells designed to form a cute little mermaid.

Alternatively, you can pick an Alladin-inspired design in the form of “Abu” holding a 0.30ct diamond.

We’ll quickly point out that at a casual glance the ring design looks pretty normal-especially from the top.

It’s only after close introspection do you realize and appreciate the depth of detail involved.

Custom Celtic

This is the perfect customized diamond ring to pick for a woman who places value on sentimental objects.

Celtic rings have been around since 200BC.

Despite modifications in this design, the core symbol of Celtic designed rings remains.

They’re characterized by a knot which is made using three intersecting arcs connected at the end to form a point. This knot symbolizes trinity.

Sounds fascinating, right?

Slot-in Bands and Rings

A ring that’ll perfectly match with the wedding band is an absolute winner.

We’re certain most women will agree.

If your girlfriend likes designs that look neat and tidy but elegant, then this slot-in ring is worth considering.

You’ll appreciate how this versatile slot-in ring comes in various forms.

You simply need to figure out if your girl prefers something minimalist or bold.

With this design you also have to the option to customize the bottom part of the slot using your preferred sign, symbol or initials.

This will make the ring even more unique for your significant other.

Add Initials to be Truly Unique

It’s no secret that the diamond is the most significant part of the ring.

Did you know that the concept of proposing originated from the Roman era?

The wife-to-be wore an engagement ring that had keys attached to it which symbolized the husband’s ownership.

Though each proposal is unique, the values and principles are the same.

An engagement ring basically symbolizes how two people have committed to one another.

It signifies a man’s commitment and affection to his girlfriend.

To date, the values and message surrounding a proposal are still very much the same.

What may differ is the ring design as evidenced by the numerous styles at your disposal.

How about we put things into perspective by giving you an example of a customized diamond engagement ring?

Case Study: The client in question wanted a halo design ring surrounded by diamonds.

The ring has “S” and “N” initials on the sides of it under the diamond along with a heart shape which comprised of a melee diamond in the middle of the ring.

This heart served to represent the endless love and commitment promised to each other.

Needless to say, such a ring is certainly in a class of its own.

A unique 3D rendered design for this stunning customized diamond engagement ring can be made, after which the experts can go on to handcraft it.

The entire process can take between 6 and 8 weeks.

Bear in mind that Master crafters are handcrafting the custom engagement rings.

With every ring, you get a unique and intricate design depending on your tastes & preferences.


Do you now have an idea of the type of customized diamond engagement ring you want?

First of all figure out your lady’s taste and style in ring design.

Does she prefer a minimalist or detailed design?

Regardless of her preferences, you can certainly still go on and further customize the ring.

The idea is to come up with an eye-catching piece that’ll suit your partner’s personality.

Don’t worry if you have absolutely no clue where to begin.

That’s what we’re here for.

To guide you every step of the way as you start your diamond ring customization journey.

Quite frankly, the fact that you’ve taken the time and effort to design & craft the best possible engagement ring for your wife-to-be is what truly matters.

And we can promise you that your efforts won’t go unnoticed.

Expect nothing but the best customizable engagement rings from us.

Click here for more information about our customization service.

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