Gia Certified Diamonds

GIA Certified Diamonds

The term ‘GIA diamond’ is one you’ll see often when looking to purchase gems and jewelry. If you didn’t know it yet, GIA is the entity that constructed a grading process for diamonds, according to the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat).

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Red Diamond

Red Diamond

Diamonds are cherished because of their rarity. A gem-quality stone is one of the rarest formations in nature. There are various colored stones that are formed but perhaps one of the most unusual of them all is the predominantly red diamond.

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Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond

When you look at natural pink diamonds you’re bound to be enthralled by their beauty but also what they represent: luxury and romance. It’s clear to see why they’re so popular.

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How To Choose A Diamond

5 Tips On How To Select A Diamond

Are you in the process of buying a sparkling diamond for your spouse? You may be scratching your head thinking about how you’re going to buy the perfect stone. In this post we will reveal the top secrets.

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